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It's great that you've decided to join us - we look forward to welcoming you soon!


How does it work?


To get started, simply complete the form on this page (a paper form is available here if you prefer), it's just a little bit of information about you before we meet you. Please be aware that we do not accept applications from those aged under 16 at this time.


Once you've clicked 'Submit' we'll get a notification and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


We'll invite you along to one of our meetings, of which there is usually one per month, to meet our committee and get your application formally noted. Here, you'll also have the chance to ask us any questions you may have, tell us a bit more about you or even show off your talent if you'd like. There's nothing to worry about - we're all here to have a good time.


In the meantime, we may invite you along to one of our rehearsals to see if we're the kind of group you're looking for and to meet everyone to see if you like us.


Who, What, Why, Where & When?


Well, we are Bishop Auckland Theatre Society, we perform plays and pantomimes along with some special events throughout the year.


We usually rehearse either in Bishop Auckland or Byers Green on a Tuesday or Wednesday.


Is There A Members Fee?


There is. It is currently £12.00/year with a discount for those in full-time education.


Anything Else?


We don't think so... If you have a question we've missed, please get in touch.

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