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24 OCT.

Thursday   •   7:00pm

25 OCT.

Friday   •   7:00pm

26 OCT.

Saturday   •   7:00pm

Abigail’s party is a tragicomedy depicting the events in 13 Richmond Road, Essex, on a Summer’s Evening. Beverley hosts a quiet drinks party for her new neighbours Angela and Tony, whilst next door fifteen-year-old Abigail hosts her first teenage house party. As the nights intertwine truths are laid bare and domestic anarchy arises. Welcome to the worst party in history.

Served with ice and lemon...

Bishop Auckland Town Hall   |   Tickets: £12 or £10 for groups of 8+

Access Tickets are available by calling our Box Office Manager, Judith, on 07837 961 053.


You can see our Ticket Terms & Conditions here.

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