A Recipe
For Murder

Coming Soon!

We invite you to come along to our evening of sleuthing and great food provided by the Spice Lounge.

We put on two murder mysteries a year with the fabulous team over at Spice Lounge in an effort to raise funds for our society in order to make theatre accessible for all in our town. We appreciate your help!

Minimum Team Size: 4 people

Tickets are only available from Spice Lounge. We are unable to take bookings.


dates & times

We're almost ready to announce the date for this production!

Check back soon or follow us on Facebook to find out as soon as we spread the word!


Meet The Cast


Emma Westwood Fulcher

Sharon Cook

Graham Rispin


Jade Carney

Charley Stamp

Jamie Walker


Behind The Scenes

Written & Directed By: Charley Stamp